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Hi! I'm Laura Mann!Hi! I'm Laura Mann!


In many respects, life is much like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves on a sandy beach. Always there, always changing and always refreshing!

I have ridden the tide of life from an early age. Raised in Virginia Beach, my sister and I spent our childhood boating on the Lynnhaven River and crabbing from the dock in our backyard. At that young age it was hard to realize what a time we had for reflection and meditation. This peaceful childhood would shape me and my entire outlook on life.

At the end of each school year, we packed up and moved to the oceanfront cottage at Nags Head, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the summer. There, my days began in the midst of Mother Nature's watercolor sunrise over the Atlantic, and ended beneath a blanket of stars highlighted by the moon's cast of brilliant diamonds upon the sea.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as the smell of salt water and the feel of the spray of the ocean as the waves crash on the shore. In the early morning the beach was almost all mine! I had to share it some, with others that had the same thought, but I considered them of kindred spirit. I loved to check and see what the occasional fisherman had caught while they were surf casting! Mostly I was  just enjoying what nature was offering; and beautiful it was.

After attending college in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I married and settled with my family in Richmond and raised my sons, Kyle and Chandler. I built a career diversified in real estate, and when my boys recently set out to begin their own lives, I relocated to the
Gulf Coast of Florida with my partner Errol, once again drawn by the
tides that have punctuated my existence.

Thinking back now…reflecting… it seems that the best years of my life were spent on my deck atop the dune at the 12 milepost in Nags Head, and on the beach that stretched out before me. "My Happy Place", I called it. Strange how life has a tendency to draw a person back to what is good; to what makes life so worth living. The sands of time!

Those memories and experiences have brought me here…today. My new Happy Place is right here…in Hernando County and the Nature Coast! Just as time changes the shore line with constant waves ebbing and flowing, life is much the same. Errol, Maggie and I have found paradise. Funny but when I came home here for the first time from Virginia, Errol and my sons had made a banner and hung it across the front of the read: Welcome to Paradise”.

It is no wonder I enjoy sharing My Paradise with my customers,
I hope it will
become their happy Place too!



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